Author - Hashim

How Much to Charge for Mobile Notary Services?

This is a somewhat sticky question for most mobile notaries. Why? Because how much you charge depends on a number of factors.
First, several states mandate how much a notary public can charge per notarial act, per signature notarized, or both. Other states allow a notary public to charge a travel fee, while many don’t. Additionally, some states don’t have a statutory fee schedule for notaries.
Then, there are those notaries who do not abide by their state notary laws and […]


Mobile Notary Articles

I receive numerous phone calls and emails from notaries and other people who are interested in starting their own notary public businesses. These inquires come from all over the United States. They all want to know how to get their businesses started.
From what I’ve read on Facebook notary groups, notary directory forums, and Linkedin notary groups, many of us are operating as one-man/woman operations. There are numerous challenges associated with being a business owner. For sole proprietors, these challenges […]


Why Do You Need Notary Errors and Omissions Insurance?

Many notaries are unaware that they have total liability for incorrect or inappropriate notary acts. If a notary makes an error that costs a client something of value, that client could sue, even if the notary had no idea of the wrongdoing. Ignorance of the law is not considered an excuse.
Obviously, if a notary performs a fraudulent and deliberate criminal act, that notary should be prosecuted. But notaries are most often sued because of simple errors, lack of instruction […]